Northern Ireland Away 2020 Football Shirt

This is the Northern Ireland Away 2020 Football Shirt. It’s an unusual look for Northern Ireland: a white base is combined with a light teal collar and navy-teal sleeve cuffs.

SoccerLord provides this Cheap Northern Ireland Away Football Shirt also known as the Cheap Northern Ireland Away Soccer Jersey with the option to customize your football kit with the name and number of your favorite player or even your own name.

Please note if you are choosing any patch such as the World Cup patch, Euro 2020 patch the patches will be stamped onto the shirt. If you don’t want the patch stamping onto the shirt and want it simply putting in with the shirt please contact out help desk. The maximum length of a customized name is 10 characters, the maximum amount of numbers is 2, if you require specialized printing please contact our help desk. Please also note if you put the number beginning with “0” it will automatically be changed to just a single digit unless you contact the site and make special arrangements.

Northern Ireland Away 2020 Football Shirt

> Northern Ireland Away  2020 Football Shirt
> Short sleeves.
> breathable technology.
> Meshed paneling
> Club crest.
> Shirt sponsor.
> 100% Polyester.
> Machine washable.